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arrange permission

arrange permission

Here you can arrange permission What does arranging permission mean?

On this website you can give or withdraw your permission for your medical information to be made available for viewing via the LSP.

If you give permission, your GP or pharmacy will note that in your medical records. Your most important medical information will then be available to other healthcare providers. They include a stand-in GP, pharmacist or medical specialist at the hospital. They are only permitted to view your information if necessary for your treatment.

It always remains possible to withdraw your permission. Without your permission other healthcare providers are not permitted to view your information via the LSP. Not even in emergencies.

Did you already give your permission in person or by contacting your GP and/or pharmacy? If so, your permission has been arranged. You don’t have to give your permission again via this website.

Do you want to withdraw permission but don’t remember which healthcare providers you have given permission? If so, see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
for your medical information Which details can the healthcare provider view?

Healthcare providers are only permitted to view your medical information if you have given permission and if this is necessary for your treatment.

The pharmacy provides a list of the medicines you are taking. This list can be viewed by a GP (or stand-in GP), another pharmacy or a medical specialist at the hospital.

General practitioner
The GP provides a summary of your general practice medical record. This can only be viewed by a stand-in GP.

The summary contains:
 • your current health problems;
 • which medicines you use;
 • known allergies;
 • information about contact with you during the past four months or five contacts;
 • particulars that are important to a stand-in GP.
to be made available for viewing via the healthcare infrastructure of the Landelijk Schakelpunt (National Switching Point). You can arrange permission for your GP and pharmacy.

You arrange your permission in three steps:

  1. Click on 'Arrange permission' and search and select the healthcare provider that you want to arrange your permission with.
  2. Fill in your details.
  3. Send your details by DigiD with SMS or print out the form and give it to your healthcare provider.

Important information!

  • Do you want both your GP and your pharmacy to be able to share your medical information? If so, you will need to give them both permission. If several pharmacies keep your medical record, you can give each of them permission.
  • Have you previous arranged your permission on this website by DigiD with SMS? If so, you can find out whether your healthcare provider has processed your message. To do that click on My Status.